• Elements of Wealth

    One of the many pieces of Nebula game art from Elements of Wealth.
  • Elements of Wealth

    The title screen from Elements of Wealth.

Smoking-Monkey Games was created in late 2010 by Stephen Payne as a company front for his game development projects. Elements of Wealth was the first project started under the Smoking-Monkey Games banner and is the studios flagship title.

If you are interested in any of the work being done here or you feel that you could contribute towards the further development of the company, please feel free to contact us in any of the ways detailed in our contact section.



Stephen Payne - I have always loved video games. Playing them, designing them, thinking about them. I try to design games that I, as a keen player myself, would find interesting and fun to play. Designing game mechanics is my main area of focus but i also enjoy lending my hand to coding and occasionally producing art assets.

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